Friday, March 28, 2008

to whom this may concern

to whom this may concern, i'm writing a letter
trying to explaing, how i can better
improve myself, and get away from what has pulled me in
time and time again

and now i'm just trying to
get my head above the surface
so that i can breathe
and take this last breath that will save me

to whom this may concern, there's a lesson to learn
keep your eyes fixed, keep looking ahead, run these thoughts through your head
cause this pleasure is poison, it's just counterfit enjoyment
it's a narrow path we take, but this bridge will never break

to whom this may concern, why do you always fall
into this trap, and somehow seem to lose it all
i hear your cries for help but they always seem to reach me to late
you've already gone astray

keep your head up, it's not over yet
you can still save yourself
keep your head up, don't lose control
pull it together before you fold

Monday, March 10, 2008

i feel no need for a title

mondays are the worst.

let's boycott mondays

Monday, February 4, 2008

Above All

do you ever feel sucks.

cause i do. i seems like anything i want, is shot down. i'm sure there are countless examples in my life where God has blessed me tremendously. so why do i only notice the bad. its not that its bad, its His plan. it is unfolding and we are unable to see why this is happening. it may seem bad, but its all His will and if we put our faith in Him completely, it will work out. and that is exactly what i am not doing. i'm listening to me. and i am stupid. Because God is all-knowing, what is going bad for us now, is a blessing in disguise.

i got a dog about 2 weeks ago. i've wanted a dog for about 8 years. we finally get one. his dad is the best airdale in the world. he won the airdale bowl. my dog is the son of a champion. less than a week in our house, my cat scratches him in the eye and now has had multiple surgeries on it. he will most likely be blind in that eye for the rest of his life, and he is only 13 weeks old.

i've played basketball since i was two. thats all i wanted to do. just play basketball my whole life. i enter junior high, but am on the b team. i still love playing, but i feel i have let my father down. he's always seen me as one of the best, but im not. this year, i had to quit because i couldnt keep up anymore. i wanted to play, start, and make my father proud. i couldnt. i prayed and felt it was what i needed to do.

there is this girl i like. a lot. but, because of miscommunication last year, feeling where held off til the worst time. when she became a youth leader, whilst i am still a youth. there is this rule that says a leader cannot date a student. i dont really care for it. why God threw us in this situation, i dont know.

i haven't a clue why God you do this to me. but He does. He knows exactly why He did that. He knows that i dont understand, but i need to learn to trust Him more. why dont i. He created the universe, everybody i know, and me. why dont i trust the God who made everything. i have been constantly reminded that His will must be done and that He is above all.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I Just Want To Be Emo

i just want to be emo, but it wont work for me though
i sit here and black my eyes but it wont work no matter how hard i try
i just want to be emo, but it wont work for me though
i slip into the tightest pair of jeans i can find but it wont work no matter how hard i try

i wear my belt off set left, i frown when i look at myself
no matter how hard i try, it will never look right

i have been known to straighten my hair, people look and they stare
no matter how hard i try, it will never look right

look at the size of this shirt, youth large but on me it wont work
no matter how hard i try, i will never look right